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Lismore Farms – Tatamagouche, NS

Lismore Farm Tatamagouche
As regular Saturday morning Halifax Seaport Market shoppers we always jump at the chance to visit the vendors at home on their farm. We were able to do just that while on a trip through Tatamagouche recently.  After coming from the Tatamagouch market, we passed by Lismore Sheep Farm. Lismore has over 100 sheep whose… Read More

Guest Post: The Sunrise Trail

Jost Vineyards
Editor's note: I'm often compared to my father, but clearly I got my interests in writing and exploring from my mother.  @GillianWesleyNS and I were very pleasantly surprised when my mother sent us this post.  Thanks Mum, looking forward to more guest posts from you! -@DrewMooreNS It’s a beautiful Friday morning, the sun is shining and… Read More