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The Schnitzel Parlour – Fredericton, NB

Royal Chocolates The Schnitzel Parlour Fredericon
I visited the Schnitzel Parlour in Fredericton with strict instructions from the owners, “Do not eat before you come!!” The restaurant is owned by Uwe and Beate, a husband and wife team who moved to Fredericton 13 years ago from Frankfurt, Germany. The restaurant is located about 15 minutes from downtown Fredericton, at the Silverwood… Read More

Lanes Privateer Inn – Liverpool, NS

Lanes Privateer Inn Places to Eat Liverpool Nova Scotia Hell Bay Brewery
Ever since our first visit together two years ago, Lanes Privateer Inn and Restaurant has become our favourite place to grab a bite and a pint in Liverpool. It has a great location, a strong history, great food, local ale, and the prices are just as easy to swallow as the food. But Lanes really came to… Read More

The Olive Tree – Sydney, NS

Spanish decor at The Olive Tree in Sydney, Cape Breton
Sometimes you just want to get away, to feel like you’ve travelled to some exotic locale, where the food, décor, music and language is different from what you grew up with.  We get that.  But it isn't always easy (or affordable) to jetset off to the Mediterranean or enjoy a holiday in Europe.  Luckily, two… Read More