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Driving Home for Christmas

Well, friends, it has been a really hard week. My nan passed away unexpectedly last Monday. Nan was 90 and more full of life than most 20 year olds that I know. Just a few weeks ago, we all went to Neptune Theatre's A Christmas Carol, and the Wednesday before she passed, she was out… Read More

The Bistro – New Glasgow

The Bistro New Glasgow
After our wildly popular and much debated post on Pictou County pizza, we have decided to return to PC to check out some of the other dining options.  If a slice isn't what you're in the mood for and it's a special occasion or you're just looking to treat yourself, you really can't do any… Read More

Pictou County Pizza

Pictou County Pizza Canada Shipping
I am fully aware of the fact that people everywhere, and I mean around the world everywhere, make bold claims that the pizza from their hometown is the best pizza you could possibly find.  This is not something that's unique to people from Pictou County.  What IS unique to people from Pictou County, is that… Read More