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NS Craft Beer: Granite Brewery

Craft Beer sinc 1985 Halifax Nova Scotia
After our recent visit to newly-opened Big Spruce Brewery in Nyanza, Cape Breton and announcements of two more Nova Scotian microbreweries opening this summer, we wanted to know more about the history of craft beer in Nova Scotia. So, we thought we'd pay a visit to Nova Scotia's longest-running microbrewery, Granite (@GraniteBrewery). Granite Brewery has pre-dated… Read More

Jill’s Chocolates

In a small shop on Lady Hammond Road I sat in awe watching Jill Franklin assemble over 100 maple bacon chocolates as we chatted about the highs and lows of local business. Jill is the owner of Jill’s Chocolates (@JillsChocolates), a local company that sells unique handcrafted chocolates and truffles. A few years ago, Jill… Read More

Jitterbug Soda and Twist Elixers (Closed)

Jitterbug Sodas and Twist Elixers has (sadly) closed. Rowena Hopkins is a passionate Mompreneur with really great taste – She is the co-owner of Jitterbug Sodas and Twist Elixirs (@JitterbugSodas), an artisan soda and cocktail elixir company in Halifax. Launched just over a year ago, the company has had a remarkable first year with ever-expanding soda… Read More

Tears of Glass

It wasn’t a happy story that led to the creation of Tears of Glass.  Not unlike the seaglass that makes up her creations, Brenda Reichel’s company was shaped by the water.  A few years ago, Brenda was living in Churchhill, Manitoba when she received word that her son had gone missing.  A few days later, they discovered… Read More

Glenora Distillery – Inverness, NS

When I first finished school, I spent six months working with a Whiskey expert.  During that time I inevitably developed a fondness for a fine glass of whisky.   Still, in all that time, I didn’t have a chance to take trip out to Nova Scotia’s own celebrated distillery, Glenora (@GlenBreton). Glenora is North America’s first single malt… Read More