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UJ Robichaud – Meteghan, NS

It may seem odd to profile a retail lumber and hardware store as a travel destination, but there’s a lot that makes UJ Robichaud in Meteghan special. Not only is U.J. Robichaud firmly rooted in the history of Clare, but this company also has an eye to the future, having been recognized on multiple occasions as… Read More

Bus Route #60 – Eastern Passage

Welcome to our second installment of day-trips and vacation spots in HRM accessible by bus (and bike!). Today we'll chronicle the #60 Bus Route to Eastern Passage. Note for cyclists: We’ve added distances from the Bridge Terminal in brackets next to each location. The trip is pretty flat for the most part, with sparse bike… Read More

Bus Route #15 – Purcell’s Cove

The Dingle Bus Route 15
Riding the Metro Transit one day, we noticed an HRM ad that pictured three walking trails that could be reached by bus.  We thought this was a brilliant idea (props to @hfxtransit) and have been inspired to take it one step further with a series of posts on all the cool HRM sites that can… Read More