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Shining Waters Marina – Tantallon, NS

Shining Waters is a Marina that doubles as a Wedding (and other events) venue. Located just off the Peggy’s Cove Road, Shining Waters is located on the beautiful Saint Margaret’s Bay.  It is a perfect spot for a wedding, with a large balcony where your ceremony can take place overlooking the water, and floor to… Read More

The Bicycle Thief – Halifax, NS

The Bicycle Thief Halifax
Since hearing about the theft of a bicycle from Halifax's latest high-end restaurant, The Bicycle Thief, we have had our hearts, and stomachs, set on trying the fare (proving that publicity stunts and/or tongue-in-cheek larceny are good for something).  Apparently, we weren't the only ones, since the waiting list to get into the new Bishop's… Read More

McKelvies Restaurant – Halifax, NS

I worked in a hotel a few years back while still finishing up University. After a short time there, I noticed that every time an out-of-towner asked for a restaurant suggestion, they would get one of two answer: Five Fisherman or McKelvies. I had never been to either, although the strong consensus among the rest… Read More

KOA Camping in Cornwall – Cornwall, PE

PEI Bridge Confederation
After much persuasion, the survivor man want-to-be half of our relationship convinced me that camping in June was a good idea. Camping, in his books, involves whatever you can fit into a large camping backpack. In this case, that was a two person nylon tent (without a tarp), one cocoon sleeping bag, pillows and two… Read More

Purcells Cove

Purcells Cove Nova Scotia
One of the nice things about living in Halifax, is that a 15 minute car ride can take you from the city to a completely new set of surroundings. The communities in Purcells Cove are no exception. 10-15 minutes down the Purcells cove road, the city turns into picturesque seaside houses, stately yacht clubs and… Read More

It’s More Than Buses

As someone living on a main bus route, whose only real destination by bus is the downtown core, Public Transit in Halifax has served me fairly well. Like most bus users, though, I have had my fair share of irritations with the limitations of our public transit system like when my end-of-the-work-day bus just doesn't… Read More

Hamachi Steakhouse – Halifax, NS

Hamachi House Sushi
On Friday night, we gathered with a group of friends for one of our favorite kinds of food entertainment - Teppanyaki. While Teppanyaki is certainly not something unique to Halifax, it is one of our favorite things to do on vacation, and a great way for locals and tourists alike to guarantee a good night… Read More