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KOA Camping in Cornwall – Cornwall, PE

PEI Bridge Confederation
After much persuasion, the survivor man want-to-be half of our relationship convinced me that camping in June was a good idea. Camping, in his books, involves whatever you can fit into a large camping backpack. In this case, that was a two person nylon tent (without a tarp), one cocoon sleeping bag, pillows and two… Read More

Purcells Cove

Purcells Cove Nova Scotia
One of the nice things about living in Halifax, is that a 15 minute car ride can take you from the city to a completely new set of surroundings. The communities in Purcells Cove are no exception. 10-15 minutes down the Purcells cove road, the city turns into picturesque seaside houses, stately yacht clubs and… Read More

It’s More Than Buses

As someone living on a main bus route, whose only real destination by bus is the downtown core, Public Transit in Halifax has served me fairly well. Like most bus users, though, I have had my fair share of irritations with the limitations of our public transit system like when my end-of-the-work-day bus just doesn't… Read More

Hamachi Steakhouse – Halifax, NS

Hamachi House Sushi
On Friday night, we gathered with a group of friends for one of our favorite kinds of food entertainment - Teppanyaki. While Teppanyaki is certainly not something unique to Halifax, it is one of our favorite things to do on vacation, and a great way for locals and tourists alike to guarantee a good night… Read More

Rudders Brew Pub – Yarmouth, NS

Rudders Brew Pub Yarmouth
This weekend, we traveled to Yarmouth to take in the local antique and art shops and sample some local fare and craft beer. Enter Rudders. Rudders is a popular Yarmouth Restaurant with an overwhelming selection of seafood dishes.  Several years ago, we had the swordfish, and have been wanting seconds ever since. Unfortunately, it was… Read More

Inn on the Lake – Fall River, NS

Inn on the Lake in Fall River
Located in Fall River, Inn on the Lake offers ‘Country charm at the edge of the city’. Patrons can choose to eat in the upscale dining room, or relax by the bar or fireplace at Olivers, their English inspired pub. In addition to the comfy oversized arm chairs and large selection of locally brewed beers,… Read More

Stayners Wharf – Halifax, NS

Stayners Wharf
Located on the Halifax Waterfront, this restaurant and jazz bar can boast the best calamari in the city. In the summer, its large patio area makes it an ideal place to check out all of the happenings on the waterfront such as The International Busker Festival. In the winter, its intimate stage and sultry atmosphere… Read More

About Us

I Heart Bikes Halifax Rentals Waterfront
Welcome fellow adventurers, explorers, foodies, knaves and those of questionable repute to The Local Traveler. This blog is dedicated to discovering the best parts of travel – craft beer, local wine, adventure, unique cuisine, and hidden gems. But it’s really about sustainable living and travel. Shh… That doesn’t sound as fun. And we have a… Read More