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Smuggler’s Cove – Meteghan, NS

Smugglers Cove Clare
Smuggler’s Cove, much like I’d imagine is the case with some smugglers, has gone by many names. Once known as l’Anse aux Hirondelles for the many tree swallows that inhabit the cove, it is also called le Fourneau by locals and is officially registered as Comeau Cove, because, well, there are a lot of Comeaus…Read More

The Bangor Sawmill – Bangor, NS

The lumber industry has been an iconic part of Canada’s tree rich history. Just ask New Canadians and tourists what they think of when they picture Canada, and you’ll often hear, “The trees”. Who among us doesn’t know the Log Roller’s Waltz? A big part of the lumber industry has been our sawmills. By the…Read More

Mastodon Ridge – Stewiacke, NS

Mastodon Statue Stewiack Nova Scotia
I lived in Stewiacke East for almost two years, just down the road from Mastodon Ridge.  I passed by it regularly, and not once did I ever stop in to check it out. I had always dismissed it as one of those silly roadside attractions that inspired the Tragically Hip tour.  I’m glad I finally…Read More

Peggy’s Cove

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
You really can’t cover tourism in Nova Scotia without making the pilgrimage to Peggy’s Cove. About 30 minutes outside of Halifax, the rocky terrain at Peggy’s Cove has beauty in its harshness, and that lighthouse truly is iconic.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Peggy’s Cove has that feel of having…Read More

UJ Robichaud – Meteghan, NS

It may seem odd to profile a retail lumber and hardware store as a travel destination, but there’s a lot that makes UJ Robichaud in Meteghan special. Not only is U.J. Robichaud firmly rooted in the history of Clare, but this company also has an eye to the future, having been recognized on multiple occasions as…Read More

Kejimkujik Petroglyphs Fading Fast

A serpent shaped petroglyph from Kejimkujik
We had the good fortune of being invited to White Point for the summer solstice to watch a sunrise ceremony and learn about Kejimkujik Petroglyphs. This is an important time in many cultures, including Mi'kmaq.  To celebrate the beginning of summer, Elder Todd Labrador led us in a sunrise ceremony at the beach, that included a…Read More

The Hank Snow Museum – Liverpool, NS

Nova Scotia Train stations Hank Snow
For a province with such a small population, Nova Scotia certainly punches above its weight when it comes to musical talent, and national and international music stars.  From Anne Murray and Rita MacNeil to Gordie Sampson and Joel Plaskett, from George Canyon to Classified to Dutch Mason, from the Rankin Family to Sloan, we have…Read More