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Cape Breton Lifestyles

Places to stay Baddeck
Traditionally, Nova Scotia’s tourism season runs from May until October, but a new set of properties in Cape Breton is looking to change that. Cape Breton Lifestyles is run by the same family that owns and operates Cape Breton Resorts, a locally owned collection of luxury resorts - The Inverary Inn, Dundee Resort and Golf Club, and Glenghorm Beach Resort. [caption…Read More

Right Some Good – Cape Breton, NS

Dulche du Leche panna cotta with oreos and blueberry marshmallows!
You don't have to go far to find an adventure. That's been the unofficial mantra behind most of our local travels, trips just around the corner, around the province, or a short road trip to our sister provinces. At the end of the day, the feeling of having traveled is related to new experiences, new…Read More

The Olive Tree – Sydney, NS

Spanish decor at The Olive Tree in Sydney, Cape Breton
Sometimes you just want to get away, to feel like you’ve travelled to some exotic locale, where the food, décor, music and language is different from what you grew up with.  We get that.  But it isn't always easy (or affordable) to jetset off to the Mediterranean or enjoy a holiday in Europe.  Luckily, two…Read More

The Hampton Inn Sydney – Sydney, NS

90 foot waterslide at the Hampton Inn Sydney
Adding Charlie to our traveling posse has been a lot of fun, but has also presented some challenges.  Many B&Bs and inns, our preferred type of accommodations, do not allow pets.  So when we found ourselves in Sydney in April, not quite ideal camping season, we stayed at the new Hampton Inn at Membertou. The…Read More

Governor’s Pub – Sydney, NS

Irish Pub in Nova Scotia
In Nova Scotia, we are known for our kitchen parties. In my experience, those kitchen parties most often happen in someone’s home – a gathering of friends, a bevvy of drinks and before you know it musical instruments appear seemingly out of nowhere. And while commercials and portrayals of Nova Scotia culture have told me…Read More

Your No-Fail Cape Breton Vacation Guide

Skyline Moose Cabot Trail Highlands Nova Scotia
Cape Breton was one of our top destinations for 2013. We visited three times last year! Read on for our No-fail Cape Breton Vacation Guide, and add your favorite Cape Breton spots in the comments. 1. Delve into Sydney's Growing Culinary Scene: The Olive Tree Walking into the Olive Tree will immediately transport you from Nova…Read More