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The Kentville Pumpkin People 2014

We stopped into Kentville last weekend to take a look at this year's pumpkin people. The 2014 Pumpkin People theme is "Pretty in Pumpkin" (like Pretty in Pink) - an 80's theme. We spent a few hours walking around Kentville and playing guessing games to see who could guess to the most 1980's films. Drew…Read More

Our Little Adventure on Big Tancook

Seaglass Nova Scotia Beach
This story was originally posted August 2nd, but now that our video (see below) is finished, we wanted to re-share it! Our Tancook Island adventure started with a sea cruise, a $5.50 passage across the water from Chester to Little (then Big) Tancook. The trip was an adventure in itself - small islands, birds, and…Read More