“I can’t, but we can.”

The holidays have come and gone, and with it, the 6th annual Local Wishlist. When the project first came together in 2012, it was on a bit of a whim. I could not have imagined at that time how the project would grow. In its sixth year, The Local Wishlist featured gifts from hundreds of makers, artisans and small business owners from across Nova Scotia and viewed by tens of thousands of people.

The Local Wishlist officially runs just a few weeks each year, but the project takes close to six months to put together. I’m so thankful to have the support of great partners, sponsors, and talented people to help make the Wishlist a reality.

Kate sits atop my list of people to thank this year. Kate’s work, support, and vision not only made the 2017 Local Wishlist better, it made this year’s Wishlist possible.  For the past few years the project has needed additional support, and I knew it had grown past the place that I could do it alone. Kate has helped with aspects of The Local Wishlist the past two years, but this year she came on full-fledged, working countless hours to bring the final project to life.  She brought ideas, energy, an impeccable eye for photography, patience, organization, and so many other talents to the table. Kate, I’m so thankful to have had your help these past few months. It’s been a whirlwind, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, Select Nova Scotia. This is the third year that Select has supported The Local Wishlist and I couldn’t be happier to share the work of such a wonderful organization. Select Nova Scotia is a fantastic resource that is making it easier for Nova Scotians to ask for local. From their informative, and inspiring blog posts (like “Five Can’t Fail Local Resolutions“) to the fun, helpful videos they share on their Facebook page, they inspire me to make local part of my everyday considerations. Thank you, Select Nova Scotia, for your support. This project would not be possible without you, I truly appreciate your help in bringing The Local Wishlist to life.

Visit their website www.selectnovascotia.ca to discover local products in your community, seasonal recipes, and more. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for even more buy-local inspiration.

Thank you to our Category Partners. I am so pleased that The Local Wishlist not only celebrates the work of great local businesses, but that it is also small local businesses who work with us to make it possible.

I was so happy to have Take it Outside,  Made in the MaritimesWhite Point Beach Resort, Bedazzled, and Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia return as partners this year, and to welcome our new category partner, Nurtured.  These are truly amazing local businesses, not only for the unique products, services, and opportunities they offer, but for their passion for their local community. I hope you’ve had a chance to visit some of them leading up to the holidays, and that you’ll support them throughout the year.

Thank you as well to our Friends of the Local Wishlist this year, Halifax Seaport Farmers Market and Maryann’s Gifts.

Thanks to Julie and Craft Nova Scotia for all your support over the years!

The Local Wishlist takes a lot of time and work to put together every year. I’ve already thanked one of the amazing humans who worked hand-in-hand with me, but I’d be remiss not to mention Michael. Michael makes everything work behind the scenes. This year he re-did the display features to make things easier to use and prettier. He made the website faster, fixed everything I broke, and implemented every little “it would be cool if the site could…” requests sent his way.  Kate and Michael, you are the best kind of people and I feel so lucky to have you part of this project and part of my life.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply to this year’s project. One of my favourite parts about putting the Local Wishlist together is learning about cool businesses and products I hadn’t heard of before.  I feel overwhelmed to live in a province filled with so much talent and passion. Thank you to the farmers and producers who keep our tables full, our artisans and makers for making our homes and outfits a bit brighter with handmade love, and the small business owners who follow their passions and give us spaces to connect, learn, and shop while supporting our community.

I’m happy to say I ended up with a number of the local items from The Local Wishlist under my tree, and I proudly gave items from the Wishlist to those on my own list.

Thank you to my family for your love and support, (and to Charlie for so many cuddles). I’m so thankful to have you all in my life.

Finally, thank you to you, our readers for your support, input, and encouragement. Thank you for helping to spread the buy-local love with your tweets, shares, and comments. Thank you to those who took a moment to send a small note or tweet, and to those who shared new connections made through the Wishlist. You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, you’ve made me work harder.

I hope that your holidays were fun, relaxing, not too cold, and filled with people that you love. Wishing you a 2018 filled with love, happiness and new adventures.

– Gillian

*The quote in the title has been really resonating with me. I couldn’t find anyone to attribute it to, but it isn’t mine.

**The photo was taken by my dad. We took a little pre-Christmas road trip to White Point Beach Resort for lunch. My parents had never seen the lodge decked out for the holidays and it was a lovely place to de-stress before the holidays.

***While the official campaign period is over, The Local Wishlist will remain online until fall 2018 (at which point we pull the pages for a few weeks to add new items to the list). Feel free to use and share it for local gift ideas year round!



The Local Wishlist is made possible by our Presenting Sponsor:


Select Nova Scotia

And a fantastic group of local partners:

Made in the MaritimesTake it OutsideWhite PointNurturedBedazzledhfxCTCNS

And our Friends of the Wishlist:

Halifax Farmer's MarketMaryann's Gifts

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