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Getting Started:

Sue opened the first Take It Outside location four years ago in downtown Truro.  She wanted to create a place that gathered everything she wanted in one space. A store that catered to the active lifestyle, not just while being active, but at home and at work as well.

The result is a store that celebrates movement, comfort, and style. Snowshoes and outerwear displayed next to cozy PJs and stylish dresses, wraps, and tees.

Jen, who works closely with Sue at Take it Outside, describes it as clothes for the active professional on the go.

“Everything should be comfortable, everything should be functional and durable. Whether you are having lunch, going for a hike, taking your kids to hockey, backpacking or going to the office. There’s something for all of those things without compromising comfort, quality or style,” she says.

Take it Outside


Everything Sue wanted under one roof turned out to be something others wanted, too. The concept took off in Truro, and the following year she opened a second location in Dartmouth Crossing, then a third two years ago in Downtown Halifax. Sue also owns the Lolë store on Spring Garden Road.

Four stores in four years.

“Sue is something. She is a force of nature. She’s mom full time, she’s work full time. She is able to tie it all together,” Jen says.

In addition to adding locations, Take It Outside added their own brand of clothing, all made for them by Stanfields (who have been operating in Truro for 160 years!!).

PJ Salvage Pajamas

What Makes Them Unique:

Sue hand picks everything found in the three stores.

“If it doesn’t feel like jammies it generally doesn’t make the cut,” Jen says, adding, “But you don’t look as casual as you feel!”

Many of the items in-store are made by Canadian companies, brands like Fig, Stanfields, Canada Goose, and Yoga Jeans, but they also carry high quality international lines like Blundstone (Australia) and Fjällräven Kanken (Sweeden). They also carry some exclusive lines from well known brands like Sorrel, they are one of two Nova Scotia retailers selling Velvet, and the only Nova Scotia retailer selling PJ Salvage.

“Quality and brand integrity are huge in the products that we carry,” Jen explains.

And so is product knowledge. Take It Outside prides itself on having staff that know the products they carry down to the core. Things like construction, water resistance, fibre content and washing instructions.

“Not everybody wants the super technical stuff but if they do, we know it. We try really hard to make every experience really personal,” Jen says.


Why Buy Local:
“It keeps our money in our economy, it employs our people and it keeps our ship running here in little Nova Scotia rather than the big boxes,” Jen says.

At Take It Outside, the focus is on quality, not quantity, something she thinks is true of other local businesses, as well. And while they can’t compete with the buying power (and thus discounts) of large retailers, all the items at Take It Outside are selected with care and made to last and be loved from season to season.

“They aren’t intended to be throwaway clothes. They’re intended to last,” Jen says, adding, “The quality is better but it’s also better for the company and the employees. You know your staff personally, and your staff know your product,” Jen says.

Blundstone 'Girlfriend' Boot

What’s Coming Up Over The Holidays:
This year the Halifax location is participating in the Halifax Lights Holiday Market at Historic Properties. It’s a weekly outdoor holiday market that runs the four weekends leading up to Christmas. It promises to be a festive way to shop, with local vendors and crafters, lots of lights and live entertainment, and hot drinks to keep you warm while you browse.

Take It Outside will have indoor and outdoor displays. Look for lots of great ready-to-give items and stocking stuffers outside. For dates, times and vendors check out the event website HERE.

And of course there’s lots of great gifts (for now and later) available in store all season. I already picked up an early Christmas present for myself there, the Blundstone Girlfriend Style Boots, another exclusive to Take It Outside and Lolë that are selling out FAST! Here are a few of our favourite gift ideas that Take It Outside:

View hundreds of gifts made in Nova Scotia or available from independently owned Nova Scotia businesses on the 2016 Local Wishlist.

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