The Sea Caves – St. Martins, NB

The St. Martins Sea Caves are natural caves carved into 250 million year old rocks by the powerful Fundy tide. You can only access the sea caves for eight hours each day, two hours before and two hours after each low tide.

On the day of our trip, that low tide happened at 6 am, an hour before the sunrise. We set our alarm for 4 am, packed our car and headed out to the shore in the dark. We waited and watched the Bay of Fundy as the sun came up over the water and the hills before making our trek to the caves.

In the summer, there are two on-site restaurants where you can dine on seafood chowder or have a glass of beer or wine, but the sights are stunning year round. It was remarkable to see a frozen water line where the high tide had recently departed, and get up close to huge icicles formed from water dripping down through the cracks in the caves.

Check out the video and photos below for a better look at this natural wonder.

Our trip was made possible through financial support from New Brunswick Tourism. We chose our final itinerary, and are excited to share our favourite New Brunswick adventures from our recent trip with you here on The Local Traveler.

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