Meander River Brewery Releases Their First Cider

Meander River Brewing Company

Our friends at Meander River Brewery in Ashdale announced today that they will be releasing their first craft cider. The cider will be made with a blend of valley apples and will be available this weekend.

In a press release, Alan Bailey, brewer and proprietor of Meander River, said that the popularity of craft cider was on the rise.

“At the farm, we’ve always used the resources that are available to us seasonally; our pigs to till the land, our hops for the beer, and our lavender for our home and bath products. We live in an area of Nova Scotia where apples are everywhere, so why not make something delicious out of them?”

The cider is 6.5% ABV with citrus notes and crisp finish. There are only 200 litres available from the first batch, which will be available to purchase at the brewery this weekend. If you can’t make it to the brewery,  you *might* get your hands on some at Bar Stillwell. Keep your eye on their Instagram as they have a constantly changing line-up.

A recent expansion in brewery tanks has enabled Meander River to produce more beer and to add cider to their line-up, increasing their capacity from 15,000 per year to 45,000 litres per year.

Learn more about the brewery HERE or check out our Complete Guide to Nova Scotia Craft Breweries HERE.

Meander River Brewery
906 Woodville Road
Ashdale, Nova Scotia


Samples Available On-Site? Yes

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