Dog-Friendly Places: Ashburn Golfcourse

Anyone who follows me on Twitter probably has a sense of how much I love it. Where else can you quickly crowdsource answers to every random question that pops into your head. For instance, last winter we were looking for a new place to take Charlie for an afternoon playdate.

Within minutes, Twitter came to the rescue, with option after option for outdoor adventures. To my surprise, @HalifaxRealEst mentioned a spot just minutes from me, Ashburn Golf Course.  As it turns out, each winter Ashburn converts itself into a dog-friendly public space.


Ashburn has a large and beautifully kept property. It’s the perfect place to let the ‘Fur Kids’ get some fresh air and meet other pups.  Because the property is SO BIG, it took us a little bit to find other dogs on our first trip.

Once we did, though, they just kept on coming. Charlie almost ran off with his first new friend, and then got a bit overwhelmed as to who to play with and where to focus his attention.

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We liked strolling around the large property and meeting lots of other dog owners. It is also well sheltered with no risk of your pup running into traffic. If you’re planning to go, keep a few property rules in mind. Keep your pup off the greens or areas covered in tarp so that these more sensitive areas aren’t harmed, and, of course, bring bags to clean up with. Ashburn has waste bins on-site.

Ashburn is a great space to check out come summer, too. It’s a well known golf spot and a popular place to say “I Do”.

Ashburn Golf Course
3250 Joseph Howe Dr
Halifax, NS

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