12 Dates of Christmas: Dessert for Dinner & Fun Local Finds

For the second date of Christmas, my true love gave to me, dessert for dinner and a local shopping spree…

That picture above, that’s peanut butter pie. Peanut. Butter. Pie.

And Peanut Butter Pie was how we kicked off a very fun second date of Christmas. It’s a pretty great way to start any date, if you ask me. Even better if you’re indulging in the rare treat of dessert for dinner.  We’ve been trying to eat really healthy this year. We’ve been running and stretching and added some strength training to our weekly routine. But for this date, we committed to a dinner of sugar and cream and chocolate and…peanut butter.

Sunnyside Mall 5

So we headed to The Middle Spoon’s newest location at Sunnyside Mall in Bedford. In addition to the Peanut Butter Pie, we decided to dig a little further into the menu. It isn’t every day you do dessert for dinner, afterall.

Sunnyside Mall 6

We indulged in Chocolate Lava Cake…

Sunnyside Mall Middle Spoon

And finished with Cardamom Carrot Cake…

Sunnyside Mall 12

The new space shares elements with their original location on Barrington street, with the same warm browns and reds and pops of colour, culinary-inspired artwork and chandelier lighting.

Sunnyside Mall 8

Sunnyside Mall 7

As it turns out, The Middle Spoon is one of a number of independently owned shops that now call Sunnyside Mall home.  A month back, they sent us a gift basket with a few goodies from some of their newest shops, The Middle Spoon, Maja’s Saraj Bakery, Liquid Gold, and World Tea House (read Halifood’s wrap-up of those tasty treats here).

It’s a refreshing change for a mall – to be able to flit from Halikids to Cucina Moderna, to Boso Bamboo Boutique, to Liquid Gold. When I think mall, I tend to picture big box shops, but Sunnyside Mall becomes more like a mainstreet shopping experience each time I visit. They even open up to local crafters and artisans each Sunday.

We checked out a few of the new shops, getting some Christmas shopping in at Liquid Gold (black truffle sea salt and butter olive oil…yes please) and World Tea House (make sure to try their Coconut Cream tea – YUM!).

Sunnyside Mall

Sunnyside Mall 2

Sunnyside Mall 4

And we couldn’t leave before Drew got a picture with the “A Christmas Story” set-up he found in the middle of the mall. It’s there to let passers by know about Neptune’s holiday show. A Christmas Story is Drew’s ALL TIME favourite Christmas movie, though I’ve yet been able to watch more than the first few minutes. But I LOVE live theatre, so Neptune’s holiday show might just find its way into our holiday date line-up…

Drew Sunnyside Mall

Our Christmas date was followed by a Christmas run. But the peanut butter, sugar, cream, and other good things were worth every extra step.

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