12 Dates of Christmas: Burgers for a Cause

For the sixth date of Christmas, my true love gave to me, local beer and burgers that gives back…

For the past few years, gourmet burgers and gourmet burger shops have been popping up all over the place. Halifax is no exception. Countless local burger shops and thriving gourmet burger chains have been appearing across the city.

So I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when I heard yet another local gourmet burger joint would be opening their doors earlier this year.

Krave Burger

But it turns out Krave is a complement, not an excess, to our booming burger scene. Krave invited us to dine on them at  their new digs on Spring Garden Road.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t the cool modern diner vibe that greeted us. It was like taking the excitement and comfort of childhood trips to McDonalds (yes, I didn’t always appreciate good food) and dialling up the cool with a modern, minimal bar and a front dining station that looked like it came out of the MAC store.

Krave Burger 10

Cool and comfortable. And somewhere I could stay awhile.

The bar has four taps – two commercial, two local. One of those local offerings is a specialty brew from Propeller called Krave Lager.

Krave Burger 2

We ordered a Krave lager and two burgers – a Bork burger for Drew and the Smoking Goat for me (both on gluten free buns so we could share). I appreciated the compact menu – six burger selections, a hot dog menu, and a selection of mac and cheese.

We picked a table near the back and started on our beer. Drew’s phone was dying and I was lamenting leaving the charger at home when – as if on cue – we noticed a sign…

Krave Burger Spring Garden Road

Then it was time to eat!

The base of each burger is 100% beef from Atlantic Beef in PEI. My Smoking Goat was topped with peppercorn goat cheese and shoulder bacon from Meadow Brook Farms in Berwick (round bacon, so I got bacon with every bite) and Drew’s Bork burger was topped with BBQ pulled pork and fried onion.

Krave Burger 7

The Krave lager paired really well with the burger. I also have to specifically mention the fries – the fries are so good! Not dry, not greasy, not too thick, not too thin – salty fry perfection.

We both thought the gluten free buns and the poutine could use some work, but we liked the burgers, atmosphere, and location.

As it turns out, we were a few days too early dining at Krave.  All December long, they’ll have a special burger combo (a bacon jam cheeseburger served with chilli fries and a gingerbread shake) with 10% of every sale going to Shelter Nova Scotia. As the saying goes, “But for the grace of God…”, and we are especially reminded of that at this time of year. Try watching It’s a Wonderful Life and not reflecting on how economically insecure many of us really are. Shelter Nova Scotia is a wonderful organization that does great work, and, other than making a direct donation, this is a good way to support.

While burgers themselves aren’t much of a seasonal date, burgers with bacon jam, a gingerbread milkshake, and a donation to a great local cause is a lovely way to celebrate the season together. At least in our books.

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Krave Burger
5680 Spring Garden Rd.
Halifax, NS

Season: Year-Round

Website: http://www.kraveburger.com/

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