12 Dates of Christmas: A Little Spirit (Spa)

Spirit Spa Halifax NS

For the fifth Date of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a trip to the spaaaaaaaaa

“Pack your book, leave your cell phone here.”

Drew is driving us to Spirit Spa 45 minutes early for our couples massage.

“We’re going to go in the steam showers, we’re going to wear robes, we’re going to read our books, we’re going to RELAX”.

Spirit Spa Halifax Nova Scotia

To say he is pumped for our fifth date of Christmas would be an understatement, but then again, I’m pumped too.  A couple’s massage is a great way to relax and indulge in the season. Warm, heated massage tables, steam showers, a selection of scented oils.

Spirit Spa Halifax Nova Scotia

Quality time together this time of year is the best part of the season, and a little spa date is a great gift to treat each other with. Christmas, as great as it is, can be stressful and it can rush by. We check into Spirit and immediately head for the steam showers. The steam mixed with the rainhead shower is the ultimate transition from work week to weekend. Hot water has a way of melting away stress (and the rotating bath products that Spirit stocks their showers with doesn’t hurt, either).

Spirit Spa

From there, it’s off to “The Tranquility Room” (decked in matching robes).  I opt to melt into the comfy coaches, eyes closed, rather than read, while Drew digs into his book beside me.

Spirit Spa Halifax Nova Scotia

Then it’s massage time. We get to pick our essential oils – scents that range from “chill” (lavender) to “love” (a yummy blend which I can’t put my finger on but which I’m told is the most popular), to gingerbread.

I choose a myofacial release, while Drew goes for classic Swedish massage. Myofacial is meant to work on the connective tissue. It involves more of an intense stretching of the muscles compared to the classic Swedish massage. Brinleigh at Spirit Spa was the first to introduce me to this bit of heaven. Whenever I pay her a visit, I leave feeling like I’ve grown a few inches and have no neck. It’s great.

Our Spirit Spa date is the silent kind of couple time. The in-the-moment kind. We don’t actually talk for an hour (in fact, I’m pretty sure Drew fell asleep for a good portion of the session), but that lovely, blissful silence is still bonding.

We leave Spirit hand-in-hand, making the transition from the cozy heated rooms to go home to curl up in front of the fire.

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Spirit Spa
5150 Salter Street
Halifax, NS

Season: Year-Round

Website: http://www.spiritspa.ca/

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