Otto Pizza – Portland, ME

Otto Pizza Portland Maine

Between us, we’ve gone through customs dozens of times. In our combined experience, we’ve learned you really never know what, or who you’re going to get. But this summer, our crossing on the way to Portland took the cake for most interesting border crossing to-date.

As always, we were asked our occupations (let me tell you, this always led to interesting conversations when I had to explain I was making my living as a breakdancer). “Travel blogger” is another interesting occupation to state. This time, it provoked a very enthusiastic reaction from the border guard about things to do in Portland.

Our border guard gave us a run down of the best of Portland. That list included Otto Pizza, apparently a very good pizzeria in the arts district of Portland. We promised to check it out, answered a few more questions, and were on our way.

Otto Pizza Portland Maine

As it turned out, Otto Pizza was directly across from The Westin Harborview Portland where we staying. The menu looked great, with some topping combinations that were very different from what we’ve seen before. After much deliberation, we went with the kalamata olive, red pepper, garlic and asiago, and a pie with pepperoni, bacon and sausage.

I went over to pick the pizzas up and was treated to a hand-tossed pizza dough show.

Otto's Pizza Portland Maine  Otto's Pizza Portland Maine Otto's Pizza Portland Maine

There were about a dozen pizzas out for slices, and I couldn’t resist ordering a couple slices of our runner-up choices while I was waiting, the mashed potato, bacon and scallion pizza, and the pulled pork and mango pizza.

Otto Pizza Portland Maine Otto Pizza Portland Maine

All were delicious, with a tasty tomato sauce on thin crust. The garlic wasn’t diced, but whole cloves that would please any garlic-lovers. Portland was a great city, and has made it onto our “Must return to” list, and Otto‘s has made it onto our “Will return to” list for Portland.

576 Congress Street
Portland, ME


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