Kizuna Sushi and Evelina’s Rappie Pie – Little Brook, NS

Evelina's Rapure Clare

Sushi and Rapure. It’s an odd combination to find under one roof. But
it’s this meeting of traditional and international that make Evelina’s and Kizuna in Little Brook such an interesting stop.

It was our final day of our Clare adventures and early afternoon by the time we grabbed a seat on the deck. We’d been discussing Evelina’s/Kizuna the whole trip so by the time we arrived we had our orders sorted. Drew would go with traditional, and I, international.

Clam Rapure Rappie Pie Clare

Drew ordered the clam rapure, served piping hot. Rapure is a traditional Acadian potato based dish. Traditionally, game meat was used but since then anything from chicken to clams have gone in to rappie pie. Its a shapeless mass of a meal, hearty and generously salted. It’s the definition of comfort food for those who grew up with it.

Kizuna sushi

While Drew dug in, I slipped behind the white sliding doors that separate Evelina’s from Kizuna. It’s a dark and comfortable space with pops of colourful paper lanterns. Half the room is filled by the sushi bar, with a few stand alone tables filling the rest of the space. I had heard the orders take a little longer here, but my spicy sushi combo with lobster miso soup took less than 15 minutes to arrive.

Kizuna Sushi Clare Nova Scotia

While I waited I took my first taste of rapure. As I mentioned, Drew had opted for clam, in no small part due to the clam digging tour we had just finished. And while I had been warned it is sometimes an acquired taste, I enjoyed it from the start. It’s thick and salty and a little sticky, and just two bites left me a little full.

Kizuna Sushi Clare Nova ScotiaKizuna Sushi Clare Nova Scotia

My meal arrived and it was the polar opposite. I was particularly fond of the scallop rolls with spicy sauce. The miso soup had huge pieces of tofu and even bigger pieces of seaweed.

Kizuna Sushi Restaurant Clare Nova Scotia

It was so good that we came back for dinner. This time around, we got a little more adventurous, going for the Clare roll, the Little Brook roll, and the Sakura Roll. All three had lobster. Om nom nom.


The Little Brook was my favourite roll. In addition to the lobster, this one had  sriracha sauce, smoked salmon, and cream cheese, and a whole other array of goodness. My stomach is going crazy as I write this. I want to drive back there for a taste right now.

1008 Hwy. 1
Little Brook, NS

Evelina’s Website:

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Thank you to Rendez-Vous de la Baie for bringing us to Clare (and making sure we had a place to rest our heads and fill our bellies). It is organizations like yours that helps us continue to tell our travel tales.

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