Five Islands Lighthouse Park – Five Islands, NS

It’s said that Glooscap created the five islands that jut from the waters of the Minas Basin. He hurled mud at a giant beaver, whose dam had flooded his garden.


It’s my first visit to Five Islands Lighthouse Park, and only my second trip up along this part of the Bay of Fundy. The ride here has been a scenic, winding adventure full of impromptu photo op stops and “just try to keep your eyes on the road” moments.


We’re here to see the world’s highest tides. It’s a hot, sunny Monday, and even though it’s a weekday, the flats are full of clam diggers taking advantage of the retreating tide.


We only have time for a few quick photos and a tale or two. We learn that each island has a name; Moose, Diamond, Long, Egg, and Pinnacle. Each name is tied to a purpose, history, or legend.

Egg is a nesting ground for birds, and is the only one that has no vegetation (from all the bird waste). And Moose is said by long-time locals to once have been inhabited by a large population of Moose, though there are none there today.


But my favourite is the Glooscap legend. The islands are so unique and prominent beautiful, that being placed there by a higher power seems like the only explanation. And it turns out that this area was indeed once home to giant beavers.

Today you’re more apt to see dogs, birds, and, once a year, runners racing to beat the quickly incoming tide during the Not Since Moses run.


Five Islands Lighthouse Park is home to a lovely little lighthouse that’s been up kept by the municipality and supported through community donations.

140 Broderick Lane
Lower Five Islands

This trip is part of our #NSJoyRide series. We went on an epic road trip along Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy thanks to the fine folks at Nova Scotia Tourism. They covered the costs of our week-long road trip.  We hope you love following our tidal adventures. Check out more in this series here:

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