The Lunenburg Arms Hotel – Lunenburg, NS

We pull up to the Lunenburg Arms Hotel around noon.  For the past 20 minutes, our car conversation has fixed exclusively on our impending hotel stay as we wind through the streets leading us to Lunenburg. We won the overnight stay in a giveaway, and none of us know much about what to expect.

Earlier in the trip, I had quite confidently predicted we’d find a small property with about 10 rooms. But one look at the large, impressive blue building in front of us makes me question my initial deduction. Just above the entrance side sits a big patio, not yet open for the season. Signs on either side of the main entrance point to the resident spa and the on-site restaurant, Rissers.

And the surprises continue. Inside the stately exterior hides a modern, sleek interior. We get checked in and make our way up to our room, a loft on the fourth floor.  And while the room is lovely, the first thing we all notice is the view – a picture perfect panorama of the Lunenburg Waterfront.

Lunenburg Arms 2

Our loft has some nice features –  a  fridge and Nespresso machine, a cozy (but lovely) bathroom, and a pull-out coach and chairs on the main floor. On the second floor sits an open loft. There is a king sized bed and more windows (with more great views). The loft is big – you could easily fit an additional bathroom, or bed, but the ample space is a nice luxury.

Lunenburg Arms 3

We put away our bags and gather in the living room, launching into a discussion on how we’ll spend our day. Like many of the B&B’s and accommodations in Lunenburg, ours is set right in the heart of the city. We’re a mere two blocks up from the waterfront, and dead center, making every attraction less than a 10 minute walk.

I have always loved shopping in Lunenburg. In fact, it is one of my favourite places in the whole province when it comes to retail therapy. Shop contents are all hand-selected and carefully edited, a far cry from the overly kitschy finds you’d expect in the heart of a major tourist destination.

Lunenburg 2

Dots and Loops 2


Jenny Jib

From there, we keep heading down the street to Ironworks, an artisan distillery that makes rum, vodka, and a range of tasty fruit liqueurs.

Ironworks Lunenburg

I have always touted Lunenburg as a great place for a day-trip, but our overnight adventure  has opened my eyes to a whole new Lunenburg. We were so happy to have the extra time to explore. Shopping was followed with paddling in nearby Blue Rocks, a mouthwatering dinner at the very new Lincoln Street Food, and a Hauntings and Hangings tour that gave us a look at Lunenburg history after dark.

Lincoln Street Foods 13

Lunenburg Ghost Tour Nova Scotia

We were happy to have a comfy bed just a short walk away to crash after what was a very full, very fun day.

The Lunenburg Arms has a continental breakfast included in the room rate. It was a fairly standard meal – bagles, yogurt, apples, oranges, cereal, and coffee. There wasn’t much for me to eat a midst all the flour I didn’t think to ask about gluten free alternatives, which, as it turns out, are available on request. Still, I enjoyed sipping coffee by the big built-in fireplace before hitting the streets for more Lunenburg adventures.

94 Pelham Street
Lunenburg, NS


You can see more of our past adventures in and around Lunenburg in our No-Fail Vacation Guide to Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

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