Lion & Bright Cafe Wine Bar – Halifax, NS

This could be our new favourite spot in Halifax.

Lion & Bright Cafe Wine Bar is the brain child of Sean Gallagher, founder of the socially-conscious, community-passionate, locally-supportive market, Local Source.

Tables at Lion & Bright

Tables at Lion & Bright

Lion & Bright is a coffee bar by day, wine and beer bar by night. The owner got both things right. During the day, the space is warm and welcoming. There are locally-crafted natural wood tables with wifi and power sources. It attracts a who’s who of local freelance writers and entrepreneurs looking for a creative space to drink good coffee and power through assignments.

Lion and Bright Halifax Beer Bar

Beer Bar Halifax

The name singles out coffee and wine, but Lion & Bright also boasts one of the best tap line-ups in the city. That line-up is in constant rotation, and has also been home to a few epic tap takeovers during it’s first five months in business. The owner actually ended up adding more taps then he originally planned because so many great local breweries keep popping up during construction.

Lion & Bright Halifax Menu

The menu is made up of locally-sourced light fare. Like the beer, there is always something new on the menu. On our last trip, we fought over who would get the last bits of their in-house beef jerky.

Appetizers at Lion and Bright

Appetizers at Lion and Bright

The space has been opening its doors to groups who do great work around the city, including an Earth Day Birthday Party and Big Spruce Tap Takeover, a Ladies Beer League movie night (beer and popcorn – who knew), an intro session to Farm Works, and a laundry list of other organizations looking to make our city a little bit better.

Lion and Bright Tap Takeover

Their name (like their business) pays homage to Nova Scotia’s strong agricultural history, something celebrated at both Local Source and Lion and Bright. Oxen were historically used in the province for clearing land and tilling soil. As they explain it…

“Oxen were reliable, economical animals that could pull impressive weight, and were ideal for breaking sod and ploughing the province’s wet, heavy soil. They worked most efficiently in pairs and were raised and trained side by side. Pairs of oxen were commonly given the names Lion and Bright – Lion on the left, Bright on the right.”

Our recommendation – GO.

2534 Agricola Street
Halifax, NS

Monday: 7:00 am – 2:00 am
Tuesday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday – Sunday: 7:00 am – 2:00 am



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