Blueberry Bay Seaside Inn – West Berlin, NS

We pull into the long driveway at The Blueberry Bay Seaside Inn in West Berlin, near Liverpool. Within seconds, a boy, maybe 10, bounds up to greet us. He is the son of owners Miguel and Monique and he’d like to show us to our room.

Mika (the kid) is shy, but full of pride about his home turned B&B. He takes us on a quick house tour, then back outside to the private entrance and staircase that leads to our room. Mika is already a pro at hospitality. He shows and tells us just enough about the room to answer any questions, then leaves us to relax.

And we do. By the time we’ve arrived at the Inn, we’ve already been on the road for a few back-to-back days of blogging adventures. We quickly photograph the space, then Drew immediately crashes on the bed for a nap while I set to work writing, editing, and reigning-in an ever expanding email inbox.


I used to hate B&B’s. While you wouldn’t know it from reading our travels and tweets, I fight a sometimes debilitating battle with social anxiety. B&B’s require a lot more conversation than a hotel or campsite. But the excitement of being on the road, husband and pup in-tow, is all too often the only time I feel comfortable.

I also happen to hate most B&B decor. But the decor at Blueberry Bay is far less Victorian, and far more beach house. In fact, the room brings back an overwhelming nostalgia of summers spent at a good friends cottage when I was still in high school. It has the same rustic charm – an old claw-foot tub with a shower head you need to duck just a little to use, the bright and breezy attic-style room, and wood floors that look like they would tell an epic tale if they could talk.


The B&B overlooks its namesake, the Blueberry Bay. Its off the beaten path location and seaside proximity make the space so peaceful. The only non-natural noises is that of the rare car passing by.

Blueberry Bay View

I would have loved to stay and relax in that peace and quiet the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, but alas, there were more adventures to be had.

When we finally crashed for the night, it was after 2 in the morning. I don’t know if it was the air, the European linen, or the fact that we’d had a non-stop few days of sunrise ceremonies and privateering, but I slept like a rock – something not always easy to do in a strange bed.


The next morning we dined family style with another couple at the inn – a fascinating pair on a month-long road trip of our beautiful province. If shared dining isn’t your thing (I feel ya), Miguel and Monique also offer private dining – a breakfast tray you can enjoy in your room or on the deck.


The Blueberry Bay Inn is along the Lighthouse Route. As long-time readers know, we are all about getting off the main route, and the Lighthouse Route is not to be missed. If you love random beaches, small shops, antiques, and breath-taking views, it is the road for you. Better still, leave the car at the inn and really dig into your adventure. Blueberry Bay has on-site canoe and bike rentals for a small fee.


Blueberry Bay Seaside Inn
1621 Eastern Shore Road, B0J 1H0,
West Berlin, Nova Scotia

Season: Year-Round


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