Sunday Morning Flea Market at the Forum


Each Sunday, The Forum in Halifax holds a giant flea market from 9 am – 2 pm. Up to 100 vendors gather their trash and treasures and display them for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.  This past summer, we decided to try our luck at the market.There wasn’t anything specific we were seeking, although large coloured vases and other housewares have been on our to-buy list for quite some time.

On a hot summer’s day (the kind we hope to see soon in HRM), there are a number of vendors who set up tables outside. I was excited to be able to browse without paying the admission fee but after little success we gave in and scrounged up the $1 each to go inside (hey big spender!).


At the Sunday morning flea market, there are vendor tables for almost everything you can image. Books, DVD’s, lighthouse collectibles, cupcakes, you name it you will find it in a wide variety of conditions (excellent to poor). Despite all the options, we left with just two books – The Dome by Stephen King for him and She’s Come Undone for me ($25 and $12 originally, $2 at the market).

All in all, the morning cost us $8, including the coffee and iced coffee, something we highly recommend to complete your Sunday Market experience. In our increasingly online world, browsing in person is a big change from classified websites. Not only did we leave with some goodies, but it made for a fun morning date!

Are you a Sunday morning Forum shopper? We would LOVE to hear what treasures you’ve found! Leave us a comment below!


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