A Sightseeing Cruise In New York

We’re headed on an epic food, craft beer, and adventure road trip from Halifax to New York in two weeks! To help us prepare for our trip, our partner Circle Line is getting us pumped with a peek at their unique views of the Big Apple, waterside. Check it out:

Boat Cruise NYC Circle Line

Photo: Circle Line

New York, a City of Islands

To understand New York, you have to think about its geography, and the role that water plays in dividing and uniting the city. Of the five New York boroughs, only the Bronx is located on the mainland. Queens and Brooklyn are on Long Island, and Manhattan and Staten are both islands in their own right. This is a watery city, and no part of it is very far from the shore, so if you are a visitor to New York, it’s a great idea to include a boat trip in your holiday.


New York Skyline from the water

Photo: Circle Line

Seeing the Sights

Whether you are in town for a weekend or a month, there is no better way of getting a good view of the world’s most famous skyline than to see it from the water. Fortunately, there is a regular service that makes it easy; exploring the beautiful attractions of New York City via Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises is a must for holidaymakers who want to make the most of their vacation.


NYC Water Cruise Statue of Liberty

Photo: Circle Line

A New York Institution

Just like the ferries that carry New Yorkers to work and home again, the cruises are part of the fabric of city life. You can sometimes see them featured on local TV. In addition to the regular cruises round Manhattan, there are romantic evening trips to see the lights, and often special events too, when you could well be rubbing shoulders with New Yorkers as well as tourists.

NYC Bridge from the water

101 Sights

The circular tour of Manhattan starts from Pier 83, at the end of West 42nd Street on Manhattan’s West Side, and takes two and a half hours to go right round the island and back to its starting point. On the way the guide will point out no less than 101 city sights, including the obvious ones such as the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, but also other places of interest like Brooklyn Bridge and the Yankee Stadium.


Food on the Highline New York

Cruising in Comfort

A city vacation is wonderful, but walking round New York can be hard on the feet. A cruise lets you relax and take in the view without strain. Refreshments are available, and the boat has climate control, so you can cruise in comfort at any time of the year.


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