Pints and Popcorn With the Ladies Beer League

I’m lucky. I travel to Lyons Brook at least once a month because I have family in New Glasgow. Each and every time we visit, we stop into Uncle Leo’s brewery. They just opened this past summer and ever since opening they’ve been brewing some pretty heavy, delicious beer. Their smoked porter was my favourite Christmas brew, with its rich, chocolate meets bacon flavour that made my tastebuds sing.


In the past few months, they have been making appearances on more and more taps in Halifax. And on March 25th they are brewing up a special cask-conditioned ale for the Ladies Beer League.  The beer will be paired with popcorn and a movie (possibly the best movie ‘fun pack’ ever created). They have selected Beer Hunter, The Story of Michael Jackson. Michael is a well-known beer and whiskey journalist.


The event is $15 and it is being held at Lion and Bright, the new coffee and wine (and beer) bar in the north end. Admission gets you a pint, popcorn, and the screening. You can buy more beer from Lion and Bright if you like. I was there last week and they have a great local variety on-tap.


The event is open to men & women, organized by the amazing team of women from the Ladies Beer League! I anticipate tickets will go quickly (they usually do). You can get tickets HERE.


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