Microbrasserie La Captive – Amqui, QC

Microbrasserie La Captive is a brewpub in Amqui, Quebec. Amqui is a small town in eastern Quebec (about 3 hours east of Montreal). We thought La Captive was kind of a strange name for a micro brewery until we arrived and took a look around. The first thing we noticed was that the names of each beer is crime related. They have titles like La Coupable (The Guilty) and  L’Impostre (The Imposter). See their full line-up of beer below. It turns out Microbrasserie La Captive is an old jailhouse. It was converted into a brew pub, but still keeps many of the original jailhouse features, like the metal bars that guard the brewing area. They have coffee that is roasted in Rimouski and sell cheese from all over the province. If you’re ever coming through Quebec, this is definitely worth a trip. Next time, we plan to spend the night. The town of Amqui is beautiful and we would have liked to stay for a few beer. Location: Microbrasserie La Captive 140, boul. St-Benoit Ouest Amqui, Quebec Sample Trays Available? Yes We Recommend: Getting a sample tray to start, and plan to spend the night. With all the good coffee, good beer, good bread, amazing cheese, and of course, the beer, you’ll want to spend some extra time here.

captive 3

captive 4Beer Line-Up:
La Coupable (The Guilty)
L’Innocente (The Innocent)
Le Pyromane (The Pyromaniac)
L’Impostre (The Imposter)
La Traitre (The Traitor)
La Cochetière (The Secretive)

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