Le Bien Le Malt Brewpub – Rimouski, QC

Le Bien, Le Malt is a small brewpub and restaurant in Rimouski, Quebec. Their range of craft beer are brewed on-site using locally sourced ingredients where possible. Most of their beer are English-inspired, but they change up their menu on a regular basis. The night we were there, the line-up was quite diverse, from pale ale to west coast IPA to coffee stout (full list below). Their menu also features a lot of local – Quebec cheeses, meats, and fish to pair with your local brew.

Le Bien Le Malt is a great place to have a beer and listen to live music. They often have new and emerging musicians take the stage. It’s a small stage and an intimate setting, a great place to spend a few hours indulging in local treats.

Year Opened: 2008

Le Bien Le Malt
141 avenue Belzile
Rimouski, Quebec

Sample Trays Available:? Yes


La Fiset Pale Ale (5.1% ABV)
La Paradis Dark Ale (3.5% ABV)
La Wilgeforte Irish Red Ale (4.9% ABV)
La Nuit Rouge Scotch Ale (5.8% ABV)
La Pugiliste West Coast IPA (6.2% ABV)
La Saint-Laurent Belgian IPA (5.9% ABV)
La #8 IPA (5.7% ABV)
La Pause Coffee Stout (4.8% ABV)
La Potemkine Imperial Stout (7.9% ABV)

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