Acadie-Broue – Ammon, NB

Acadie-Broue is a nanobrewery in Ammon, NB (just outside of Moncton). Owner and brewer Patrice Godin’s beer are inspired by Belgian and German styles. His beer is exclusively available at The Laundromat Espresso Bar (Marky’s). He uses a 23L oak barrel for some of his beer, something he told the Great Canadian Beer Blog he picked up at a local Oktoberfest event.

Year Opened: 2010

Available On-Tap:

The Laundromat Espresso Bar
382B rue St-George
Moncton, NB

Beer Line-Up: Beer past and present
Valdrague Weizen Hefeweizen  (5% ABV)
La Patente Sticke Alt (7% ABV)
Zirable Lambic (5% ABV)
La Gaboteuse Belgian IPA
Tintamarre Saison
Picasse Porter
Kiebitz Coti Berliner Weisse
Bringue Brown Ale
Boloxée Dark Saison


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