Midgard Meadery – Scotch Lake, NS

I only recently discovered Midgard Meadery, so I haven’t yet had the chance to visit. If their website and ‘Origin Story’ are any indication, it’s my kind of place!

“Mead, Meade, Mede, Medo, Meodu… By any of these names, the ancient drink of fermented honey invokes, to the minds eye, images of the Middle Ages.   Be it the Knights of the Round Table, the heroic tale of Beowulf, or the Kings of the North, their meade houses and their long ships in the mists of the dark age.” – Midgard Website

Yep, my interest is piqued. Midgard is primarily an Apiary. In addition to the Midgard website, he runs thebeekeeper.ca, a fascinating website with information and resources on beekeeping. He makes five different bottles of mead (listed below). Midgard does not use any sulphites, sulphates or preservatives in the production of their mead.

For now, Midgard isn’t a big touring place, but during the spring, you can take an introductory class/tour in the life of beekeeping. During the summer, don’t miss Thor’s Thursdays. Pop up to Midgard and buy honey and meade direct from the source. They have a long winding laneway, an appropriately epic journey to get your meade.

Year Opened: 2006

Scotch Lake, NS

Tours Available? No

Available At:
Cape Breton Farmers Market
340 Keltic Drive, Sydney, NS
Saturdays, 8:30am – 1:00pm

Mead Line-Up:

Freya (12% ABV): $30.95
Mjolnir (12% ABV): $30.95
Valhalla (13.5% ABV): $33.95
Valhalla “Extra Olde” (13.5% ABV): $37.95
Yggdrasil (12% ABV): $30.95


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