Jost Vineyards – Malagash, NS

Jost Vineyards is arguably the best-known name in Nova Scotia Wine. They are the second oldest NS winery and the longest operating and largest winery in Atlantic Canada. Jost is located in Tatamagouche. The winery is situated on more than 100 acres of property. In addition to growing their own grapes, they source grapes from around the province. They are the only NS winery using Cape Breton grown grapes!

Jost offers the most variety in their wine line-up. They also have the most affordable options in the province, with bottles starting at $9.99. In 2012, the Jost family sold the winery to Devonian Coast Wineries. The new owner is rapidly expanding production and plans to increase distribution across Canada.

Year Opened: 1983

48 Vintage Ln
Malagash, NS

Dates and Hours:
Open 7 days a week, year-round, except major holidays.
June 15th – September 15th: 9am-6pm
September 15th – June15th: 9am-5pm

Samples Available? Yes. Jost doesn’t shy away from showing off their products. On most visits, Jost has had almost every bottle available to sample.

Tours Available? Yes. Free tours are available daily from June 15 – September 15 at noon and 3pm.

We Recommend: Arriving with an empty trunk. In addition to selling wine on-site, Jost Vineyards has a huge gift shop with wine related gifts and local food and artisan products from around the province.

Wine Line-Up:

Sparkling Wine:
Prost: $18.00
Muscat Eau de Vie: $25.00
Red Plum Eau de Vie: $18.00
Maple Eau de Vie: $22.00
Yellow Plum Eau de Vie: $20.00

White Wine:
2012 Tidal Bay: $20.00
2012 Habitant Blanc: $11.00
2011 Valley Roads L’Acadie Muscat: $10.00
2012 L’Acadie Pinot Grigio: $13.50
2010 Eagle Tree Muscat: $16.00
2012 L’Acadie Chardonnay: $12.60
2011 Avondale Riesling Gold: $11.70
Kellermeister: $11.30

Red Wine:
4 Skins: $18.00
2008 Baco Noir: $10.00
Trilogy: $18.00
Cabernet Sauvignon Marechal Foch: $11.00
2010 Cote St. George Marechal Foch: $15.00
2011 Leon Millot: $13.50
2010 Ceilidh Marechal Foch: $14.00
Prima Rosa: $11.70
Marble Mountain Red: $15.00
2011 Marechal Foch: $12.30
2010 Marquette: $13.00

Dessert Wine:
2006 Muscat Icewine: $22.50
2011 Vidal Icewine: $22.50
Framboise Dessert Wine: $15.00
Maple Wine: $15.00
2008 Whiskey Ortega Icewine: $25.00
Sangria: $12.00
Glowine: $12.00
Blush: $12.00


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