DIY Wednesdays: DIY Spice Rack Magnets

Need to find a use for extra David’s Tea tins? Try our DIY spice rack (magnetized for the fridge).


For the past two months, Drew and I have been doing something we like to call Homesteading Night. Every Wednesday, we pick a skill we want to learn or a small project we want to tackle, and we spend the night together learning a new skill.


Our first week was learning to fix our own bikes – something much needed after leaving them outside for much of the past two years (we live in 1,000 sq ft, space is a premium). Since then we have taught ourselves to ferment, brew beer (a few times), and make potato chips (let me tell you, if we all had to make our own potato chips from scratch every time we wanted to eat them, they would lose their appeal FAST)DIY Spice Rack Davids Tea Advent Calendar.

Last December (2012) my parents gave Drew and I a Davids Tea Advent Calendar. It is essentially the same as it’s chocolate predecessor, only filled with healthy, delicious tea. Each tea had its own small can. We didn’t want to throw the tins away, it seemed like such a waste, and so, for the past year, they have been taking up cupboard space.


Until this week. Drew was talking about buying this magnet spice rack for the fridge when we remembered the little tea tins…the perfect size for easy-to-access spices.


So we set to work on our DIY spice rack, washing, drying, filling and magnetizing the tins. Want to make your own?

How to Make Your Own DIY Spice Rack:

photo 3

1. Once the tea is gone, wash and dry tins. I popped the clear plastic covers right out to clean and dry them well, but if you do this mind your fingers, the metal is sharp!

2. Measure bottom of your tin.

photo 4

3. Purchase magnet tape. We got ours at Michaels for around $5 for a large roll.

4. Cut magnet tape to the right size. I recommend doubling up on the magnet. Spices are pretty light but no need to risk a weak hold.

5. Pick your spices and fill your tins. We selected spices we use the most. This way they are in easy reaching distance when we cook! We also magnetized a few of the larger David’s Tea canisters for things like Curry which we use in pretty much everything.

photo 5;

This year, we want to make more of an effort to use more spices and keep meals interesting. If you try this at home, I’d love to see pictures of your DIY spice rack, or hear about how it went in the comments below!


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