Ten reasons to Save the Bedford Reef!

Last summer I came across a booth at the Seaport Farmers Market run by a eager team of volunteers. They were collecting signatures and raising awareness about the impacts of an infilling operation on the Bedford Basin. I initially declined a signature but took an information sheet and read it as I wandered around the market for our usual local haul. By the time I finished shopping (and reading) I was convinced. We needed to Save Bedford Reef.

For close to three years a group of concerned citizens have been working tirelessly for a PERMANENT closure of Bedford’s Acid Rock Disposal Facility on beautiful Bedford Basin. Why? The infilling operation includes Crosby Island, a tidal pool and reef. I chat with one of the organizers, Sandra, from time to time on Facebook. During our most recent chat, I asked her to share 10 reasons we need to save Bedford Reef:

Ten Reasons We Need To Save Bedford Basin Reef!

1. To protect juvenile fish habitat
2. To protect migratory bird habitat (sandpipers have been spotted nesting onsite)
3. It is the only original shoreline left on the western shore of Bedford
4. It is an ideal place to establish a Coastal PARK for the community of HRM
5. It provides more opportunity for children to be exposed to nature
6. The reef naturally stabilizes the shoreline..it is a “LIVING SHORELINE”
7. Productive intertidal zone should not be destroyed by infilling to create new land.
8. It is a great spot for canoeing, kayaking & wild life photography
9.  Staging area for salmon returning to the Sackville river.
10. The reef has an enormous natural tidal pool which took thousands of years to form, lets preserve it for future generations

Under the current development plan for this area, this important natural habitat will be buried under a parking lot and condominiums. Like many grassroots organizations, Save Bedford Basin Reef work hard with limited funds and a volunteer team.

Want to help? Here are a few ways that you can lend your support to this great cause:

1. Make a donation. Every dollar counts!

2. Join the Save Bedford Reef facebook page to stay up-to-date on rallys and campaigns.


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