Full Steam Coffee Launches Louisbourg 1713 French Roast

Louisbourg 300 Coffee Blend

One of Nova Scotia’s most historic places has paired with one of Nova Scotia’s local coffee roasters. A special blend of coffee was launched this week at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site to recognize 300 years of Louisbourg and France’s role in bringing this beverage to the New World in the 18th century.


The Fortress Of Louisbourg Historic Site

The Full Steam Coffee Company roasted coffee beans over an open fire at the historic site along with Parks Canada and Fortress Louisbourg Association to officially launch “Louisbourg 1713 – French Roast.” Louisbourg was one of North America’s busiest seaports and France’s centre of trade and military strength in the New World. Coffee soon became a staple in the fortress town with 40 per cent of Louisbourg’s inventories listing coffee or coffee equipment.

Louisburg Events Louisbourg300

“Coffee was an important beverage in 18th century Louisbourg, and we’re so pleased to partner with Full Steam Coffee Company and Fortress Louisbourg Association to bring the story of coffee to life during our Louisbourg300 celebrations,” said Chip Bird, Field Unit Superintendent for Parks Canada’s Cape Breton Field Unit. “This will allow Canadians to connect with the Fortress of Louisbourg in a meaningful and tangible way – and with a great cup of coffee!”

The commemorative coffee will be featured at one of Louisbourg300’s upcoming events, CultureFete which runs from July 26 to 28. On July 28 visitors can sample the new blend, participate in coffee roasting demonstrations and talk with Full Steam’s roaster about the art and science behind perfectly roasted beans.

Actual Map of Fortress Louisbourg

“We are honoured to be working with Fortress Louisbourg Association and Parks Canada to commemorate such an important milestone in our nation’s history,” said Glynn Williams, Proprietor, Full Steam Coffee Company. “It was a learning experience to trace the routes of modern-day coffee culture to the early days of coffee’s introduction to the New World in the 1720s by the French. We trust that through this blend of certified fair trade organic coffees from around the world, we have captured the flavours and aromas of natural-grown coffees roasted on the seacoast in the pristine natural environment of the times.”

Louisbourg 1713 – French Roast is available at the on-site boutiques at the Fortress of Louisbourg, on-line at fortressoflouisbourg.ca or fullsteamcoffee.com and at many fine retailers and groceries throughout Atlantic Canada.

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