The Hampton Inn Sydney – Sydney, NS

90 foot waterslide at the Hampton Inn Sydney

Adding Charlie to our traveling posse has been a lot of fun, but has also presented some challenges.  Many B&Bs and inns, our preferred type of accommodations, do not allow pets.  So when we found ourselves in Sydney in April, not quite ideal camping season, we stayed at the new Hampton Inn at Membertou.

Dog Friendly Travel Nova Scotia German Shepard SPCA

The Hampton Inn allows dogs up to 75lb.  Despite the fact that Charlie thinks he’s a 200lb direwolf, he weighs in at well under the restriction at 20lb. In addition to being dog friendly, we quickly learned that the Hampton Inn in Sydney has a strong sustainability program.

Living Wall in the lobby of the Hampton Inn

We noticed hints of this from the moment we walked in. The lobby has a small living wall and a large stone water wall, just one of the many accents that add to the spa-like environment at the property. Throughout the halls, elevators, and in the rooms there is green messaging – simple reminders to use less water, turn off your lights, reuse old items and recycle.  It was an interesting concept, something I haven’t seen before in a hotel. It kept my environmental impact top of mind during my stay, and I wonder how many guests find themselves making better decisions both in the property and after they leave.

Hampton Inn Hotel Lightstay Program

And the hotel isn’t all talk. Hampton Inns around the world have a sustainability program called Lightstay. Lightstay is a simple and effective program that measures the output of fuel, water,  waste and carbon. This information is used to identify changes in practice and infrastructure that will continuously decrease each properties environmental footprint. The program was launched in 2009 with an initial goal to reduce their energy, CO2 and waste output by 20% and their water consumption by 10% by 2014.

After the first year of the program alone, waste output dropped 10%, energy by 5%, carbon output by 6% and water consumption by 2.4%,

90 foot waterslide at the Hampton Inn Sydney

The property itself was modern and comfortable. There is a business centre and a pool area with a full glass wall on one side that brought lot of light into the space. I set up there for a morning of writing, taking a few breaks to ride the 90ft water slide. The hotel lobby opens to the breakfast area (continental breakfast plus various hot options is complimentary) and offers free coffee, tea and cookies throughout the day. The whole property is attached by a pedway to the Membertou Convention Centre and Kiju’s restaurant.

One of our favourite things about the Hampton Inn is that it is right along some really great walking trails, something else that definitely got Charlie’s approval. I left the Hampton Inn thinking about what other things a hotel could do to not just make a stay more eco-friendly, but to leave a lasting impression on a guest.

lookoff in Cape Breton

The Hampton Inn Sydney
60 Maillard Street
Membertou, NS


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