Best Coast Coffee Gallery – Broad Cove, NS

Which way do you want to go

After an entertaining and educational weekend in Liverpool for Privateer Days, we got on the road a couple hours early so that we could follow the Lighthouse Route back to Halifax.  We were quickly rewarded for sticking to our rule of staying on the back roads by meeting this guy:

A turtle crosses the road in Liverpool, Nova Scotia

But he was only a warm-up for the real treasure we came across.

After passing through Cherry Hill and between what appeared to be dueling churches, we wandered upon a cute blue house sitting nestled in a crossroads and a sign that read Best Coast Coffee Gallery.

A hidden gem in Liverpool - Best Coast Coffee

This quite unassuming country home houses a culinary jewel, having been named six times as a place to check out by Where to Eat in Canada.  Moira Brigid Frier had worked here as a server before taking over operations this past year with her brother.  We were immediately struck by the similarity to The Wilder, where young Nova Scotians are setting their own paths for themselves, in every nook and cranny of rural Nova Scotia.

petite riviere available

Entering the Best Coast Coffee Gallery feels like stepping into a country kitchen, with its wooden beams, simple wood tables and chairs and decorative vintage stove.  Broad Cove is sandwiched between Petite Riviere and Cherry Hill, so the chalk board drink list appropriately features Hell Bay beer and Petite Riviere white wines.  The hand drawn menu includes creative twists on lunch favourites and promotes Pasta Night Tuesdays and a three course fixed menu for Friday evenings.

Best Coast Coffee Pasta nights

Moira’s brother and co-operator, Desmond, was working the kitchen.  We were there mid-morning, so we asked about the lack of breakfast items on the menu.  Desmond asked what I wanted and got right to it when I requested a breakfast sandwich.  A few minutes later I had a cheesy egg omelet with diced green peppers wrapped in naan bread with a couple slices of bacon.  It may possibly have been the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had to date.

Best Coast - Breakfast Sandwich

As if I wasn’t already taken enough with the place, they serve Java Blend coffee, feature South Shore artists’ work on their walls and grow most of the veggies in their own garden.  The Best Coast Coffee Gallery is open seasonally from June to October, 9:30am-4:00pm plus their Tuesday and Friday evenings.  A charming place to stop as you explore the Lighthouse Route on the South Shore.

Best Coast Coffee Gallery
Nova Scotia 103
Mill Village, NS


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