Mamatsu Thai Food – New Glasgow, NS

We spend a lot of time in New Glasgow. Both Drew and I have family there, so at least once a month we find ourselves working, eating and relaxing in the area.  Like the rest of the province, New Glasgow’s culinary options are growing at a rapid rate. We first took notice with The Bistro, a gourmet restaurant with a local seasonal menu and perfectly paired wines and cocktails. Since then, we’ve seen many new options offering a growing menu of ethnic and allergy-friendly foods.

Mamatsu Thai Food Nova Scotia

On our most recent trip we visited Mamatsu, a newish Thai restaurant on Provost Street.  I love Thai food, but I find it hard to find once we are outside of Halifax. I had heard good things but I was still a little skeptical. We are fortunate to have a lot of really great Thai food in the city and I have been fortunate to spend some time working in Hong Kong where the Thai was truly on another level.

Mamatsu Thai Food

The restaurant is small, clean, and well-lit with natural light from a number of large windows on the front side of the restaurant.  The kitchen is along the back, and is open enough to get a good glimpse at meal prep but not so much that you feel like you are right there in the kitchen with the cooks. There are only a few tables, enough to seat around 20 people at a time.

Thai Lettuce Wraps Mamatsu New Glasgow

We went mid afternoon on the advice that lunchtime can get crazy.  Even then, about half the tables were filled.  We sat down and were quickly served. Drew and I opted to each get a different curry and share, while Drew’s mom opted for Thai lettuce wraps.

Red Curry Mamatsu Nova Scotia

I ordered the red and Drew got the green, but we ended up switching after a few bites. I found that both were not as spicy as I am used to but they still both had a really nice flavour with simple contents of red and green peppers and thinly sliced chicken.  One thing I didn’t like was the presentation – it looked great on the plate but I am a big fan of a separate bowl for curry, a personal preference.

Handmade Chili Sauce Nova Scotia

All in all the meal was healthy, affordable and tasted really good.  The portions are large and the menu is reasonably priced between $7.99 to $13.99.  They have a very edited menu, about 14 items, but it includes the standard curries and some unique items like infinity noodles and their own homemade chili sauce.  It is a great place to get a healthy (allergy friendly) meal in New Glasgow!

Mamatsu Restaurant
205 Provost street
New Glasgow, NS

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