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Adventure is all about trying new things, overcoming a challenge, and learning a little bit more about yourself.  Two years ago, I entered into one of my biggest adventures to date after stumbling into 108yoga.  I had lived around the corner from the studio for a long time, and had been practicing yoga for even longer, but for one reason or another I never found the time to stop in.

With one class under my belt, I was in love. The space is quiet and peaceful with solid dark wood floors and bright, rich colours.  Mats, blocks and assists are all provided if you need them, and there is even a quiet nook where you can read or have a quick chat after class.

But what inspired me most were the classes.  Unlike many of the yoga classes I have attended in the city, 108 focused on more than just yoga abs and reps of sun salutations.  The class felt like it was all about me – my pace, my comfort. I quickly learned there that it wasn’t about twisting my body into impossible positions, and that real change (both inside and out) came from a practice that is right for your body.

108 Yoga Halfiax

My favourite class is Yoga Nidra.  It is unlike any yoga class I have attended.  Do NOT go expecting a hot, sweaty workout. DO go expecting to have the best sleep of your life when you get home.

I loved the classes and instructors at 108 so much that I enrolled for their teacher training program, and spent the next year practicing and learning with a group of 18 fabulous women. I thought I would get my certification and teach a little yoga on the side of my full time job.  What actually happened was that the program was a catalyst for a total life makeover. This sounds really cheezy, but I learned more about myself in that year than I had ever even imagined in the 24 years prior.  I learned that happiness is a choice, and it kick started a transformation that led me to follow my passion.

108 Yoga do what you love

Do I think that every person who tries 108 yoga will transform their lives, quit their jobs and run off to pursue their dreams…no. Do I think that you will try 108yoga and leave feeling fitter, happier and way more relaxed, ABSOLUTELY! And who knows, it might also be the deep breath you’ve been needing to tackle a dream you’ve been keeping on the sidelines.

108 Yoga Halifax
1496 Lower Water Street  #411
Halifax, NS

Website: http://108yoga.ca/

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