Petite Riviere Winery – Lunenburg County

Lunenburg Nova Scotia Winery

Sometimes, adventure means thrill-seeking – big heights, fast vehicles or physical extremes.  Other times, it is as simple as trying something new – digging into a new culture, discovering a hidden beach, or pouring a new glass of wine.

Nova Scotia is home to 17 wineries, with four more one the way. For a small province that’s a big deal.  If you haven’t yet taken a day trip to one of our wineries, this is the summer to go. For the past few years the quality and variety of our wines has been hitting new heights. We’ve won awards, gone to the Olympics and are starting to become a popular choice away from home.

Unwilling to wait until wineries head into their main season, I visited four last week.  My first stop was Petite Riviere in Lunenburg County to try their new Tidal Bay and learn a bit more about their production.

Located within 5 miles of three different beaches, and close to may other local attractions like Indian Falls, it makes for the perfect daytrip. The best part about a winery tour is how adaptable it is!  I have had just as much fun touring a vineyard with my girlfriends as I have on a date.

Petite Riviere Wines Nova Scotia

Petite Riviere is well known for its work with red wines, a rarity in a province known for bright, light whites and traditional method sparkling wines.

This past fall, we did a Nova Scotia wine tasting with 30 friends (and 15 different kinds of NS wines) their La Have was one of the favourites of the evening.  It was my favourite red in Nova Scotia until our most recent trip, when Haley pulled out the Bluenose II, a limited edition 2010  red, for us to sample.

Bluenose Red Wine

While there we also tried the new Stutz, rebottled and ready to hit the Ontario market for the first time, and their (still unreleased) Tidal Bay.

Petite Riviere Vineyard in Summer

If you are already planning your summer adventures, Petite Riviere is a great stop to add to the list. Want to make it a daytrip? Check out our No Fail Vacation Guide to Nova Scotia’s South Shore!

Want more Nova Scotia Wine? Check out our Complete Guide to Nova Scotia Wine, with a full list of Wineries, wineries opening soon, and NS wine facts.

Petite Rivier Winery
1300 Italy Cross Rd
Crousetown, NS


Season: May – December

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