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Editors Note: NS resident Samantha Warshick (@Warshick) submitted a guest post a few months ago talking about how her NYE resolution from 2012 got her outdoors, eating healthy local foods, and shifting her whole lifestyle to compete in upcoming Halifax event NSABBA. Since then, I have been bombarded with requests for a follow-up.  Below, Sam discusses the final days, final diet and results of her first NSABBA competition.

Now that the show is finished and I have eaten some treats and gotten some rest it is time to update you all on how it went. The ten days leading up to the show seem a bit of a blur now. I got to spend some time with my amazing sponsors Zig Zag Hair Studio in Bedford and Organic Tan Halifax (@OrganicTanHalif). I also visited one my of favorite nail salons Princess Nails (in @DartmouthXing) for my mani and pedi. I know, I know this all sounds relaxing but when you are trying to workout twice a day, maintain your normal 9-5 job and do show prep all while on very limited carbs it is far from relaxing. NSABBA Diet Workout Plan Results


After all that pampering it was time to entered ‘Peak Week’. Peak Week is the final week before the show, your diet changes completely and I felt nervous to break away from my new found staples. The weekend before the show I did some ‘Carb Loading’ this is where you add extra carbs to your diet (which will help to plump your muscles). My ‘treats’ that weekend were Oats (with Hazel Nut oil- from @PlanetOrganic) and sweet potato with cinnamon. I also got to add salmon back into my diet. It is weird when you are prepping for a show how the little things excite you.

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The next few days were about eliminating all carbs and increasing my water intake. I was drinking approx 8L a day leading up to the show. (Unfortunately, we do not have a washroom in my office and I have to take a little walk…or sometimes in the case run down the hall). You may not know this but just before the competition you need to cut out water.  To do this I drank 3L of water on the Friday and 3 big mugs of Dandelion Root Tea (also from @PlanetOrganic). Dandelion Root is a natural diuretic and helps relieve water retention.

On Friday, a large group of people with fake tans and flip flops entered the Lord Nelson hotel (@LordNelsonHotel the hotel partner for the show) for NSABBA’s AGM followed by registration.  My diet coach allowed me to have one final treat, a glass of red wine. Not only would this help calm my nerves (and maybe help me sleep) it will also help in the dehydration process. I was so nervous I was willing to do any tips/tricks to help me look my best on stage. Earlier that day I sat in a dry sauna for 30 min (again to help with water retention) and I went to bed with my heat on high wearing sweat pant and a hooded sweatshirt (this will help you sweat out any extra water).

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The day of the show was amazing. Not only was it exciting to see a record number of athletes (over 200 registered) but it was incredible to celebrate months of hard work, dedication and a passion for health and fitness. The show was held at the Rebecca Cohn and a small trade show of local supplement stores, local fitness clothing brands and local company Mama T’s Protein Cookies filled the entry way. This really is a community and it is amazing to see how NSABBA has grown. There were competitors from all over Nova Scotia here.

While I did not win, I still walked on stage with confidence, knew my routine, loved my bikini and really impressed my friends and family.

Made With Local Protein Bar Natural

One of Sam’s favourite local health food discoveries is Made With Local “They are half the sugar, local and the same price as the protein bars I was buying before!”

In my last post (read it here) I mentioned I started working with a trainer last April (@GoodLifeFitness), and only decided to do the show in October. Through this time I lost 12 per cent body fat, 17lbs and over 25 inches. So even though I didn’t get to stand on the podium, I know I am still a winner. I have already started seeking out my next challenges. I am entered for the BlueNose Marathon (@BNMarathon) 10km for my first time, I registered through Halifax Sport and Social Club to play Softball for my first time and I have already found a show to do in September (already starting to prep at the gym).

This entire journey has been an eye opener. No matter what your goals are, get started with them. Your motivation to lead an active healthier life will in turn motivate someone else. That is why in May I am becoming certified as a personal trainer so I can help others. We finally are having some nice weather, get outside, get active, buy and cook amazing local healthy foods and enjoy life.

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