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Chocolate Cupcake Peanut Butter Icing Pavia Restaurant Herring Cove

Guest Post: Lyndin Kane (@Rnningfrmtherns)
Blog: Running from the Runs

For those of you who are not winter sport aficionados, winter can be one long haul!  What do you do when it is cold outside and you are dreaming of sunnier, warmer, sand-filled days?  My husband and I were looking for an escape and our InstaDate was born.  Armed with our iPhones and a tank full of gas, we decided to head out on a day filled with good food and good beaches – a truly Nova Scotia experience!

Our morning started out at Pavia Gallery, which you have likely seen featured here before.  But what you did not see was our take on their fabulous breakfast offerings!  If you head there on a Saturday morning you will find the place bopping thanks to their friendly, attentive staff.  We decided to sample the glories of their breakfast menu which included: English muffin breakfast panino, waffles, espresso, hot chocolate, americano.

My husband sampled their panino consisting of a homemade English muffin, egg, cheese, smoked ham and a side of their house granola.  Scrumptious.  We asked if they had the English muffins available for purchase, they do not, but we are praying that they will one day soon.

Personally, I fell in love with their waffles.  Between the raspberry compote, the local maple syrup (no Jemima around here!), the whipped cream and the fresh strawberries – I was in heaven!  We both enjoyed their hot beverages and after breakfast we were so intrigued by their bakery offerings that my husband had a German Chocolate Cupcake – wow.  He does not eat dessert often, but obviously knew something good when he saw it.

Chocolate Cupcake Peanut Butter Icing Pavia Restaurant Herring Cove

So, decidedly full, we continued along Herring Cove Road toward Ketch Harbour so we could snap some photos on our way to Crystal Crescent Beach.  If you have not done this before, you really should, it is beautifully silent on a winter morning.

Ketch Harbour Crystal Crescent Beach Nova Scotia

Upon arrival at Crystal Crescent Beach, you park your car amidst the line-up in front of the gate.  After a short jaunt up the driveway we arrive, and who would have guessed – the beach looks almost exactly like it does in summer – stunning!  Turquoise water, white sand, you can almost feel the warmth.

White Sand Turquoise Water Halifax Nova Scotia Crystal Crecent Beach

The only difference was the snow surrounding the boardwalk and your choice of seating!

Finally, we made our way to the last stop of the day – Blue Rocks.  I received a tip a few years back and have been making my way here ever since.  Blue Rocks is the perfect Nova Scotian setting with its rugged coastline and bright pastel fishing boats.  It is just before Lunenburg, so it is the ideal stopping spot along the scenic South Shore.

Blue Rocks New Lunenburg Nova Scotia day trip

Who knew that a February beach day could be so successful?  We would love to hear your recommendations for spicing up a drab winter filled with movie dates!  We have our car keys at the ready – are there any other best kept secrets we should be checking out?

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Written by Lyndin Kane, author of Running from the Runs, a health and wellness blog dedicated to irritable bowel syndrome and the often uncomfortable, always humorous, effect it can have on daily life. 

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