Swoon Fine Art – Hammonds Plains, NS

Swoon Fine Art closed their doors on December 21, 2014. They will continue to sell online through their website and through pop-up shows.

All this week, we’re talking about Hammonds Plains.  The population of Hammonds Plains grew by close to 30% between the 2001 and 2011 census.  If new development is any indication, the area continues to grow at a rapid rate.  As a result, there’s been a lot of new businesses popping up to meet the needs of the growing population, but rather than standard clothing and food shops, Hammonds Plains is seeing some really cool spots open their doors.


Swoon Fine Art (@SwoonFineArt) is a glowing example of this.  The store is located in a two-story home that is divided into a number of themed rooms.  The contents are a mix of fine art, sculpture, antiques, crafts, and local jewelery and clothing.


This shop has a great collection of locally made home decor.  I really liked the owl mugs above.  There was also an entire room dedicated to salt and pepper shakers.


Swoon has a great selection of clothing, both second hand and new.  They also carry jewelry ranging from bright costume pieces to fine silver and brass work like Angela Grace’s fox collection.  The layout is cool and easy to navigate, and the owner has done a great job of selecting a range of inventory for home, fashion and gifts.  Even if you aren’t currently in the market for some new stuff, the cool layout and unique selection are worth the drive.


Tomorrow, we’ll talk local food options in Hammonds Plains with a trip to Edible Matters, and then take in a sleigh ride and bull riding @HatFieldFarm. You can get a sneak-peek of my bull-riding skills (see: Fail) here.  In the meantime, tell us what you love to do or see in the Hammonds Plains area in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Swoon Fine Art
1410 Hammonds Plains Rd
Hammonds Plains, NS

Website: http://www.swoonfineart.com/

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