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I have been hearing about Edible Matters (@EdibleMatters) since before it opened.  First, from my aunt who lives in the area and was looking forward to a much-needed restaurant.  Next, from a close friend working on some of the interiors.  And then again and again the name came up, each person saying the same thing:  “Great food!”, “local products!”, “You would love it!”

Edible Matters Hammonds Plains

Sometimes the hardest places to find time to visit are the places closer to home.  Weekend after weekend Drew and I toured around the province but not once did we make the 15 minute trip.  Then finally this past Friday Drew’s work took him out to the area, so I decided to tag along.  We spent some time checking out Swoon Fine Art (@SwoonFineArt), an antique shop meets gallery meets buy-local haven, then settled in at Edible Matters for an early dinner.


From the moment we walked through the doors, I was struck by the selection of local food items.  In such a rapidly growing area, I felt proud that there was a permanent location for residents to source healthy, local staples like East Coast Organic Milk, Oulton’s bacon, apple cider, jams, jellies, pickles, Made With Local and Crowbar snack bars, and a wide variety of house made dressings, soups and even take-and-bake cookies.


The restaurant area is quiet, cozy and warm.  The slanted ceiling, large windows, light wood and exposed brick made me feel like I was in a ski lodge or large solarium.  We were seated along a wall of windows that look down into the kitchen.  This seems to be a growing trend in restaurants, but both Drew and I agreed that this wasn’t our personal preference.  I like my food to have a little mystery, I don’t like looking down as my food is dished up or while the staff text away.



But all of that was forgotten when the food actually hit the table.  We ordered Curry Squash Bisque, Rosemary Parmesan Chips, and Braised Martock Beef Chili accompanied by a Garrison Red and a Pilsner IPA.  The chips were light and crunchy with a thin lemon garlic sauce for dipping.  The curry squash was thick and flavourful, a true comfort food.

Edible Matters Restaurant Hammonds Plains Nova Scotia


But the clear winner was the chilli.  It had a thin sauce and big thick pieces of meat topped with a small dab of creme Fraiche and served with fresh baked jalapeno cornbread.

We were both pretty full by the time we finished, but we did pick up a few local goodies from the store and stole a look at their brunch menu.  I am already planning my brunch menu, complete with one of their EM Caesars, with pickled veggies instead of celery.

Edible Matters
1345 Hammonds Plains Road
Hammonds Plains, NS

Website: http://ediblematters.com/

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