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Travel can bring adventure and new experiences, immerse you in history, take your taste buds to new heights and reconnect you with family and friends.  On a recent trip to MacLeods, I also discovered just how much travel can help reconnect to ones self.beautiful sunset inverness beach cape breton Macleods

Macleods Cottages Cape Breton

MacLeods is located in Inverness beach in Cape Breton. When we spoke to the owner, she described MacLeods as “elemental”, and we couldn’t agree more.  The property is calm, quiet, and bursting with nature.  The grass is left to grow long and windswept, surrounding you by a spectrum of green.  There is something a bit magic about the area.  Time moves more slowly, the air feels thick and warm, and everywhere you go there is the smell of the sea.

We really loved our visit to MacLeods.  For us, it was the perfect place to curl up with a book and some wine and listen to the ocean.  There is a vast, uninterrupted view of the water from many of the cottage decks, making this a popular spot for storm watchers.  Some lucky visitors have caught a view of the northern lights, a distant lightning storm, or whales off the coast.

MacLeods is also popular spot for artists, writers, and jewelry makers.  The beach washes up a huge assortment of sea glass.  I am no expert on sea glass, but I have never seen anything like this.  On a short walk I could have filled a garbage bag with pieces in assorted colours and shapes.

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A popular spot with Europeans, it is almost impossible to get a room during peak season.  We were there the first week of September, one of the first ‘slow’ times, and the cottages were all but full.

Macleods Nova Scotia Cape Breton Cottages

Even the bedroom smelled of the sea. Drew swears he slept with his noes in the sheets.

We recommend checking out MacLeods during the shoulder season (late may and June, and September and October).  It is one of the few times that the cottages are less busy, the prices are significantly cheaper, and the sheltered property keeps the temps slightly warmer.  As an added bonus, the things that truly make MacLeods special still apply during the shoulder season.

A great spot for yoga, writers, jewelry makers, or those just looking for a break from the every day stresses of life.   It is also a great home base for Celtic Colours in October.

We left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the rest of Cape Breton.

Macleod’s Cottages
16058 Central Avenue
Inverness, NS


Season: May 16 – October 18

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