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At the initial meeting for The Big Day Downtown, we were given a brochure with the names of all of the businesses that belong to the Downtown Business Commission. Downtown Halifax is known for it’s great drinking and dining options, but after flipping through the business listings I realized just how many great places there are to sweat.

30 minute hit great workout

Steve and I both incorporated unique fitness into our Big Day Downtown with classes at Serpentine Studios and Cyclone Cycling.   But there was one more place that caught my eye where Steve couldn’t join.  30 Minute Hit ( is a women’s only fitness centre on Granville Street. It is a high intensity Boxing/Kickboxing circuit workout that is both challenging and rewarding.

When I arrived, the music was pumping out high energy tracks like gangnam style.  There were a few women finishing up their workouts, punching and kicking their way around the small, open room.

October Challenge 30 minute hit great workout Halifax

The studio is only a year old but it is already gathering a dedicated group of business women and students looking for a fast, efficient, and stress reducing workout.  There is a great community feel, and the gym does a lot to encourage and reward members.  Each month, there is a mini-competition for a spa gift certificate.  They also have a wall featuring a member of the month, where inspirational members are showcased.

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The workout itself is pretty intense.  At the front of the gym, a timer loops through two minute intervals followed by 15 seconds rest.  Philip walked me through each station.  There are 13 in total, a mix of punching, kicking and ab workouts.  Because of the small space, instructors are able to provide some of the benefits of a personal trainer, shouting out encouragement and correcting form.

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Both the pace and the encouragement made it easier to blast through the 30 minute workout, and I left feeling strong and energized.  I recommend bringing water, or purchasing a bottle when you get to class (the cash goes to ongoing fundraisers for cancer).  There is no drop in rate, but monthly rates are competitive at $59/month or $49/month if you sign up for one year.  You can find out more about 30 minute hit, their location and their community work online at or follow them on twitter @30minutehit.

30 Minute Hit Halifax
1544 Granville Street
Halifax, NS

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