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Sometimes for the sake of brevity or for what we’re trying to accomplish with our posts we miss out on sharing some of the best parts of our trips. 

There are a lot of little things that happen, experiences and impressions, that don’t quite fit into posts about restaurants or campsites or farmers’ markets.  Sometimes we miss out on sharing the overall character of the places we visit and the people who live there.  After our trip to Guysborough, we felt we had to set that right.

Walking Trails Guysborough Nova Scotia

In between the fabulously furnished rooms, the mouth-watering meals, the adventure activities, there are the little things that really make a place special.  Walking the Shoreline Trail to where Guysborough Harbour meets Chedabucto Bay, reading the interpretive signs with information on the history of the area, learning where the ruins of past French forts are in front of us and sitting on a bench to reflect on what the area must have looked like in centuries gone by.

Hard at work writing guysborough NS

Sitting on the vast deck in Muskoka chairs, listening to CBC Radio 3, drinking Jost wine, writing, and reading our books side by side while the gazebo above us shelters us from the rain pouring on the green fields and rolling hills surrounding us.

Meeting the person with a vision to make Guysborough a veritable destination and the people who share and believe in that vision.  Experiencing the commitment the people we met have to Guysborough, both the locals and the come-from-aways.  Listening to their dreams for the place they call home.

Guysborough Nova Scotia Great Places to visit

These are the impressions that won’t let us go as we drive away.  It’s these experiences, as much as the great food, lodging and craft beer, that will bring us back to Guysborough soon.


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