Mountain Top Cottages and Campground – Annapolis Royal, NS

Moose at Mountain Top Cottages

Growing up, my family would travel to the states each summer for two weeks of camping and shopping.  We would stay at Rusnick, a little family campground in Salsbury Massachusetts.  Some of my best childhood memories take place here, from hot mornings in the pool with my cousins, to our ‘last night’ campfire where my father would refuse to go to bed until all the wood and paper had been burned and all the marshmallows and hot dogs had been consumed.

Pool Annapolis Royal Mountain Top Cottages

It’s that same family friendly vibe I got upon entering Mountain Top Cottages. Mountain Top Cottages and Campground are located just outside of Annapolis Royal. We spent our first night in their newly completed campgrounds, which features 21 semi-private and spacious lots.  Each comes equipped with a fire pit and picnic table.  Two things that really stood out were the exceptionally clean bathrooms and the extremely flat ground, good for pitching a tent on.

Cottages Annapolis Royal Mountain Top Cottages

On our second night, we moved into one of their two-bedroom cottages seeking solace from weather that couldn’t make up its mind (raining one minute, sunny the next, typical NS).  The cottages were huge, and equipped with a full kitchen (including cutlery), couch, television, bathroom, two bedrooms and a wrap around deck.  There was also a hammock and beach chairs for relaxing by the lake.

Paddle Boat Mountain Top Cottages

Drew got a bit wet on the pedal boats

More than just a comfy place to sleep, Mountain Top has activities for the whole family.  There are walking trails, horseshoes, a pool, and a large pond where you can rent pedal boats, row boats and canoes.  There are also plenty of quiet places by the water to curl up with a book, or watch the sun set.

Ducks on the water at Mountain Top Cottages

Real ducks swimming at sunset on the lake at Mountain Top Cottages

Perhaps my favourite part was the character of Mountain Top.  Throughout the grounds you’ll see tons of little wooden animals, from birds, to lions, to miniature moose.  Some of them were so realistic that we mistook fake ducks for real, and had a surprise when what we thought was a fake heron took flight.  Some of the statues, like the one below, were donated or created by visiting families.

This statue was created by a family who had stayed at Mountain Top most summers while their kids were growing up. When the kids got older and it looked like it would be their last summer, they made this statue for Mountain Top.

Mountain Top Cottages
888 Parker Mountain Road
Annapolis Royal, NS


Season: May 1 – October 31

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