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King George Inn Accomodations Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal is a charming town full of history, from the shops to the boardwalk, right down to the accommodations. The King George Inn was built in 1868 by a wealthy French sea captain named Barteaux.  At the time, it was all the rage to show your wealth in the quality and structure of your home.

Given the high ceilings, large bay windows, carved birch and walnut flooring, French doors, and grand staircase, it is safe to say that Barteaux was not only wealthy but had great taste.

King George Inn Annapolis Royal Places to StayThat taste is enhanced today by Faith, the innkeeper.  The rooms are furnished with antique armchairs, loveseats and lamps, solid wood dressers, wardrobes and headboards.  Faith has done a great job of blending the 19th century Victorian aesthetic with modern conveniences.

Each room has a 2-cup coffee maker, flat screen TV, alarm clock and modern shower.  Every detail is covered.  The coffee is ready at the press of a button, each bathroom has its own blowdryer and every room has a wine set with corkscrew.

King George Inn Annapolis Royal B&BFaith, a former school teacher, is witty and personable.  She can anticipate anything you might need to know, and has the answers readily available.  She also knows a lot about the history of Annapolis Royal.  It is evident that she has put a lot of TLC into both the building and the operation.

B&B Annapolis Royal Nova ScotiaOne of my favourite parts about our stay at the King George Inn was breakfast.  The dining room, like much of the house, is Victorian in style.  We were greeted with romantic music typically reserved for the dinner table, then taken through a lesson in Victorian dinner manners.

Faith explained the three things that would get you kicked out of the dining room in days gone by: placing food waste on your plate, dirtying the table cloth, or using the butter knife directly on your food.

She served mini pancakes, juice made of 5 fresh squeezed fruits, home cooked muffins, hard boiled eggs, and granola (“to keep you regular on the road”).  She also accommodated my allergy with home cooked gluten free muffins and gluten free English muffins topped with butter and her homemade fruit only jam.

The only part we didn’t like was saying goodbye at the end of our stay.  As Faith says, “We shake hands when you arrive, and when you leave, we hug and cry.”

548 St. George St.
Annapolis Royal, NS

Season: June 1 – September 30


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