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ratinaud charcuterie Halifax

A few months back a good friend and fellow foodie brought over duck pate for my birthday.  I am not a fan of pate, but this was different.  It was savory, juicy, and full of flavour, the kind of food you find yourself thinking about weeks later.


The pate was purchased from Ratinaud (@Ratinaud_HFX), a charcuterie located on Gottigen Street in Halifax.  They use high quality Nova Scotian to craft traditional style French cuisine.  His products are hand made and cured on site.


In addition to a huge selection of pate’s, sausages, cured meats and rillettes, Ratinaud also serves up fine cheeses and a variety of chutneys.  Check out his full offerings (plus suggested wine pairings) on his drool worthy website. The shop is also gluten-free friendly, with no preservatives or gluten used except where noted.


On our first visit, we purchased duck prosciutto, cured chorizo, a baguette and a tasty Quebec cheese.  Since then, Ratinaud has quickly become a regular on our weekly shopping list.  We are especially excited to try the wild geese pate that will be available come fall.  We were told that is even more flavourful than the duck.  I’m not sure I believe that’s possible, but I am more than willing to find out.

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