Lismore Farms – Tatamagouche, NS

Lismore Farm Tatamagouche

As regular Saturday morning Halifax Seaport Market shoppers we always jump at the chance to visit the vendors at home on their farm. We were able to do just that while on a trip through Tatamagouche recently.  After coming from the Tatamagouch market, we passed by Lismore Sheep Farm.

Lismore has over 100 sheep whose wool they use to make throw rugs, blankets, slippers, mitts, hats and more.  We got my grandmother a pair of their slippers for Christmas, and we’ve had our eyes on one of their blankets for snuggling on the couch in the winter.  Their items are high-quality, attractive and comfortable.

By happenstance, we ended up there for Festival Day.  The farm was offering free wagon rides, a BBQ from the local Lions Club, tours of their barns and sheep-shearing demonstrations.  If you’ve never witnessed a sheep-shearing before, check out the video.  It’s neither as traumatic nor as painful as you might expect for the sheep, not even on a level with trying to bathe a dog.

Next time you’re taking a trip along the Northumberland Shore this summer, think about stopping into Lismore Sheep Farm to get some locally made cozies for the winter months.

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